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International Conference on Public Theology for the Indonesian Context


27 - 28 September 2024

On-site at Ledalero Institute of Philosophy and Creative Technology (Institut Filsafat dan Teknologi Kreatif - IFTK Ledalero), Maumere 86152, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.

Conference theme:
Since the American church historian, Martin Marty, introduced the term public theology in 1974, the concept of public theology itself has been continuously discussed and widely adopted. As a result, it might be difficult to agree on a single definition of public theology. At the heart of public theology, however, is the conviction that the Christian faith, in all its aspects, can be an invaluable resource for addressing contemporary public issues and accelerating social transformation.

Thus, public theology is concerned with the public import and explication of theological concepts of religious communities and particular faith traditions. Public theology is motivated by an awareness of the social and public dimensions of the Christian faith. Christian faith is not just a private matter without any social relevance, for religious visions can be brought into conversation in the public sphere and provide a framework for constructive social transformation.

This international conference on “Public Theology for the Indonesian Context” provides an opportunity to reflect further on the foundations, opportunities, and challenges for public theology in the contemporary Indonesian context. Public theology in Indonesia has become all the more important not only because of the deep awareness among Christians themselves of the social dimension of the Christian faith but also because of the social demands that religious communities should actively contribute to the public discourse on issues related to the effort for the betterment of the social life in wider society as the country seeks to progress in all aspects of life.

Call for papers:
In light of the general theme, this conference seeks to bring theology scholars from all over the world together to reflect on this major theme. Questions to be considered include:

  1. The foundations, possibilities, and challenges of doing public theology in Indonesia: What are the theological foundations of public theology in general? What are the opportunities and challenges for the development of public theology in the Indonesian context? By context here, we mean ecclesial, social, cultural, economic, and cultural contexts.
  2. The reception and practice of public theology among the religious communities in Indonesia: How has public theology been done so far? What are its actual forms? What are the often-overlooked themes that need more serious attention in the future?
  3. New perspectives on the question of the method of doing public theology in the Indonesian context: What are the most plausible methods for public theology? How can religious visions be brought into a broader context in a publicly accessible language in a pluralistic society?
  4. Public theology and dialogical society: How can public theology promote and strengthen interfaith dialogue, dialogue between religion and science, dialogue between faith and culture, dialogue between religion and secular institutions, and dialogue between academic theologians, religious leaders, and ordinary believers in addressing pressing issues facing Indonesian society today?

Papers of 20 minutes either in English or in Indonesian are invited on the general theme and proposed sub-themes of the conference. Please submit abstracts of 300-500 words and a short biography to conference.iftkledalero@gmail.com.

Keynote speakers:

Dr stephan

 Prof. Dr. Stephan van Erp

 KU Leuven, Belgium
dr. joel

 Dr. Joel Hodge

 Australian Catholic University, Australia
Paul Budi Kleden

 Dr. Paul Budi Kleden

 Institut Filsafat dan Teknologi Kreatif Ledalero, Maumere, Indonesia
Romo 2

 Prof. Dr. F. X. Eko Armada Riyanto

 Sekolah Tinggi Filsafat Teologi Widya Sasana, Malang, Indonesia


Conference hosts
This conference is co-hosted by the Ledalero Institute of Philosophy and Creative Technology (IFTK Ledalero), the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies of KU Leuven, the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy of Australian Catholic University (ACU), the Association of Indonesian Philosophy and Theology (AFTI).

Further information

Key dates
titik Closing date for call for abstracts : 5 March 2024
titik Announcement of selected abstracts: 20 March 2024
titik Full paper submissions: 20 March – 28 July 2024
titik Selection of best papers: 10 August 2024
titik Academic writing workshop: 26 September 2024
titik Conference: 27–28 September 2024

Conference sessions

Each keynote speaker gives a presentation on a topic of broad interest to the conference participants. The plenary will be followed by a Q-A session.

Parallel paper sessions
Paper presentations are grouped into several general themes, with each group-session consisting of three to four presenters. Each presenter has twenty minutes to present his or her paper and 10 minutes for a Q-A session after the presentation.

Conference fees
The conference is free of charge for all participants.

5 best papers will receive a conference grant from IFTK Ledalero.
Selected papers will be sent for consideration to Louvain Studies (Scopus Indexed, Q2), Jurnal Ledalero, International Journal of Indonesian Philosophy and Theology published by AFTI, or selected for a book chapter project.

Conference convenors
Dr. Bernardus Hayong, IFTK Ledalero
Dr. Puplius Meinrad Buru, IFTK Ledalero

For general inquiries, please send an email to conference.iftkledalero@gmail.com.

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